Groove System

Music-based team building and leadership training

Groove System

Music-based team building and leadership training


Teaching organizations to GROOVE like world-class musicians

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Being "in the groove" is a phrase used in jazz when an ensemble is "playing as one" through spontaneity, creativity and coordinated action. Consider the excitement and power of groove in your organization!

Groove System was created to help organizations apply the principles world-class musicians use to create music as a team that resonates with their audience

Groove System uses live, improvised, groove-based music and musicians to help organizations, teams, and individuals improve collaboration, creativity, and learning

We offer our fresh and unique development program to all organizations, no matter the size or location. Contact us to learn how Groove System can add more "Groove" to your organization

This was the BEST beginning of school workshop that I have attended in my 22 years here at Stephens. Congratulations on a job well done -- and best wishes as you share with others...As a former member of Corporate America, I can think on many boardrooms who could use this workshop!"

Stephens Elementary

Houston, Texas
“Cody Loucks’ team development program is original and innovative. We were enthralled by the music and challenged by the interactive elements. This fun and memorable session has given us tools for enhancing teamwork and themes to continue the conversation. I highly recommend bringing Mr. Loucks to your organization. He was great to work with, flexible and accommodating to our schedule and audience, and he drew us into thinking creatively about issues that otherwise can get stale and tired.”

Dolores Humiston, Associate VP, Human Resources

Whitworth University, WA
“I like that it was SO different from other leadership/teamwork workshops I’ve seen. When we put concepts we know in a different context, it helps to pull out new insight and see things with fresh perspective. There’s great value in that! It caused me to reflect on teamwork, collaboration and inter-process communication in a different way. I really like the analogy between Jazz (and performance music in general), structure that accommodates improvisation, with diverse work processes and teams attempting to bring their work together toward a common set of goals.”

Aldine School District

Houston, Texas



Groove System offers key-note, half-day and full-day presentations and workshops using musicians from your community for team development, leadership and collaboration training.


Sessions are highly interactive and often get participants creating music together and with the band as they apply principles of collaboration. Participants will improve problem-solving, unleash their own talent and creativity and learn to think like world-class musicians.


For qualified sessions, we offer an evening community performance which will showcase musicians from your community and serve as a great PR opportunity for your organization! We also offer post-session extended learning support/facilitation.



Cody is the lead-presenter for Groove System. His professional musician and practical business background led to the idea that organizations can benefit remarkably by learning and experiencing how great music is made - live!


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